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Born Fatidical

(adj) - having power to foretell future events; prophetic

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About us

Limited edition T-­shirts designed by artists, produced by craftsmen, made in London

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For everyone who has ever had the desire to own a piece of modern art, the limited edition print has provided an affordable route to acquisition. Signed and numbered by the artist, it gives us all the opportunity to own a little piece of history and allows us to express that we’re part of something unique.

But T-­shirts? Well, there lies another story. The epitome of self ­expression since Marlon Brando wore one in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ in the 1950s, that plain, white tee, hijacked and printed on, has led revolutions, created legends and defined generations.

At Fatkyds we are proud to fuse these two forms of expression together.

Every year we commission a new artist to create a series of one­-off designs that are printed in strictly limited runs of just 250. Produced in London, every T­-shirt is individually numbered, with the first 25 forming the exclusive Black Editions.

We never re-­print and we never will.

A flexible Art-­House approach allows us to work in partnership with Bow Arts, awarding the yearly Fatidical Prize to an up and coming artist so that each series can constantly evolve. Whether you’re an up and coming creative or want to be involved with Fatkyds in the future, we’d love to hear from you.

Bow Arts

Fatkyds works in close connection with Bow Arts – an arts education charity in East London. At the heart of London’s Artist Quarter it is widely recognised as a unique source of support for artists and arts education alike.

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Since establishing itself in 1995, Bow Arts has gone on to operate from five separate sites that provide a live/work scheme for practising artists. It currently houses almost 100 artists in spaces where they can share ideas, get involved in projects and find out about opportunities relevant to their skill set. Over 300 artists are affiliated with Bow Arts through their various schemes. Their culture of spotting, nurturing and establishing talent rings true with our own and thus, The Fatidical Prize was born.

What they say...

We are really pleased to be able to support and collaborate with Fatkyds, a dynamic and newly-­established social enterprise. Alongside this it’s a privilege to help launch an important new design prize for young artists. The prize is a fantastic opportunity for these early career artists and designers to develop their work and promote their practice. We look forward to receiving the submissions.

Marcel Baettig, Chief Executive, Bow Arts Trust

Contact us

Whether you're an artist or you just want to say hello, we'd love to hear from you.

Fatidical Prize

The Fatidical Prize is our annual competition, run in conjunction with Bow Arts. The winner will become the artist in residence and creative force behind our range for the upcoming year.

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The chosen artist will also receive a cash bursary and be given a year's studio space free of charge at our Bow Arts residence.

We want to work with a wide range of artists, covering a number of disciplines. Through the prize we hope to discover up and coming talent and also work with more established creatives who are looking for a new platform with which to experiment. Our aim is to stay ahead of more predictable trends and tap directly into the rich pool of talent the UK has to offer, while also supporting its continued development. Every artist we work with will be a part of the Fatkyds family and their growth will be tracked in our vault.

Made in London

We produce every single piece of our product in London. As a UK brand we believe that it’s our duty to support the industry and nurture the talent we have at home.

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Our sustainably grown, organic ‘Pima’ fabric is often referred to as ‘the cashmere of cottons’. It has a longer staple length increasing softness and shine. It’s 45% stronger than regular cotton and has far more vibrant colour, retaining its brilliance over many years, it can be washed again and again. All our cotton is ethically sourced and we can manage our traceability by having our supply chain here in London. 

While cheaper manufacturing abroad is an obvious route to faster, higher gains, it goes against everything we stand for as a brand and everything we have strived so hard to achieve. It always will. This is our promise to you.

What they say...

I have worked in the Fashion Industry for nearly 30 years and for half of that time I have worked as a mentor supporting new and emerging designers. It’s not often I come across a new brand that has meticulously covered every single facet for their business ­- Fatkyds is incredibly well prepared and professional. We are delighted to be working in partnership with Fatkyds to continue the trend of re-­focusing the industry on British manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Jenny Holloway, CEO, Fashion Enter Ltd

S#1 artist

Athier is a British visual artist whose work we’ve been aware of for a long time. We were delighted when he agreed to become the first Fatkyds artist.

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His bright, bold work invites you into a fragmented world of figurative and geometric content where you’re asked to find answers when, at first, none seem evident. His Fatkyds collection takes a more graphical approach than his large scale painted work. A clearer narrative is juxtaposed with rigid abstract shapes to create worlds within worlds and a varied series of images that we’re delighted to call series one. For more information about Athier and to see more of his work visit www.athier.com

The Tees

Our unisex 'Made in London' Tees come in two forms, all hand embroidered with their limited edition number. Black Editions make up the first of only 25 of each design and come with a specially signed canvas by the artist. Classic Editions make up the rest of the collection and feature our bespoke limited edition packaging.